Why is there a need to rethink education?

twitterDuring the last ten years, technological advances have been introduced at an exponentially rate in our daily lives. This new technology has had a great impact on every facet of our society, and education in no exception. However, has teaching methodology really implemented this innovative technology?

Many educators would argue that classrooms seem to have remained the same. Perhaps, the usage of laptops and tablets is a common practice in most schools worldwide, but is this enough? If we stop to think about today’s students, we’ll all agree that they don’t share much in common with students from thirty years ago because of a simple reason: technology has changed our way of thinking. Therefore, there’s a need to change teaching methodology so as to allow our “modern students” to learn in a way that suits them.

Moreover, learning opportunities accessibility has widen to the point that anyone who has access to technology can become an active learner (under the guidance of a teacher). Needless to say, technology has opened the door to collaborative learning thanks to the numerous and different ways of communication. Once teachers come to terms with this reality, they’ll come to realize the extraordinary advantages of using this technology in class, as it is a powerful tool that can support and make easier designing materials as well as enables students to work and learn together.

In conclusion, technology has changed the roles of teachers and students. Thus, educators must rethink both their teaching methodology and the materials they use to allow an appropriate learning environment adapted to our new students.